Greco Fitness
  • Four sessions with Dr. Joël, ND perfectly timed throughout the program
  • Doctors Report Pre + Post Program
  • Physical exam, micronutrient coaching, health+nutrition assessment and more
  • Metabolism and Hormone Blood testing to spot menu deficiencies and correct them
  • Tailored Menu to optimize weight loss
  • Menu Options Include: Quick Fix (5 mins.); Time Crunch(15 mins.) & The Foodie (30 mins.+)
  • Body Fat Assessments & Weigh-Ins to track progress
  • Accountability, Nutrition+ Wellness Coaching
  • Dr. Joël, ND's Power Foods 101 – NutritionToolkit
  • Personal Greco Certified Nutrition Coach over the duration of the program
  • Three Foundational Personal Training session with a Greco Certified Trainer

* NON-MEMBERS ADDED VALUE - One-Month Membership (to be redeemed at your discretion)

* Insurance: A receipt for the program will be provided under Naturopathic services. Many insurance companies provide $300-500 Naturopathic consultation coverage. As each person's plan varies, please check with your insurance provider.

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Dr Joël

Dr. Joël Lee Villeneuve, N.D.

Dr. Joel, ND is a naturopathic doctor with over 25 years of experience who is passionate about empowering natural health. She is a North American expert in Ienergy with a focus in Longevity Medicine, Metabolism, Hormones and Nutrition. She has recently been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her contribution to health and wellness. Dr. Joel, ND is the founder, clinical director and CEO of The Revivelife™ Clinic, which is one of the region’s largest providers of integrated health services. She is a sought our speaker and author of Power Foods 101.

Greco Members

10 Week Wellness + Weight Loss Program $899

* Toronto $999

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10 Week Wellness + Weight Loss Program $999

* Toronto $1099

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** An insurance letter can be provided upon request at the end of the program. Customized insurance letters ie at the end of visits to Revivelife can be provided for an administration fee of $25.