At Revivelife™ Integrative Clinic we contribute to a new way of customized health care unique to you that promotes a SYNERGY of premier medical and evidence based wellness services to naturally allow you to REVIVE your health, metabolism and hormones. These services include the latest technology and scientific research providing you with the 4 FOUNDATIONS of Restoring Health in Your Path To Wellness powered by Ienergy. 

The 4 foundations in your path to wellness include a TEAM of integrative health professionals who are compassionate, inspiring and listen to all of your health concerns. Our focus is to provide a complete ASSESSMENT to understand the source of your concerns.  We provide the latest strategies in preventive laboratory testing using biomarkers that allow us to measure and monitor your successes. The goal is to keep you in the “optimal range” vs the “normal or crisis range”. Our team provides RESOURCES which include complimentary grocery store tours, educational workshops, webinars and health blog to keep you informed on the how to. Lastly, at Revivelife™ we endeavor to make health care accessible by providing TREATMENT services to fit a variety of health needs, including group care.  

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