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We would like to welcome you to the Greco Lean Life program a collaboration with Greco and Revivelife. We look forward to supporting you on your Path to Wellness. Here are a few key tips and answers to questions commonly asked.

How Do I Get Started?

·         Step 1: Schedule your initial appointment at Revivelife by calling 613-829-7100; emailing info@revivelife.ca or booking on-line www.revivelife.ca . You will be given an outline of the program at this visit along with your blood requisition.

·         Step 2: After your initial appointment an email will coordinate you and your Greco Team to set up your Week 1 Appointment for your menu.

·         Step 3: All additional appointments that are with the Revivelife Team will be booked through Revivelife while the remaining appointments are scheduled with your Greco Team.

Is This Program Covered By Insurance?

Many people have third party insurance that covers Naturopathic consults. As each person has individual coverage that is unique to them we recommend contacting your insurance provider and asking the following questions:

1.     Do I have Naturopathic insurance coverage?

2.     How much coverage do I have annually?

3.     Is there a limit per visit?

We will provide you with a receipt of payment for the program. General Insurance letters can be provided upon request. We recommend submitting the general insurance letter AFTER week 4 and AFTER week 10 (at the end of the program) to your insurance provider, as apart of their requirements if to have the dates that your consultations have taken place. A sample insurance letter is available for you upon request to use when discussing insurance coverage with your provider. Customized receipts can also be provided upon request for a fee of $25. As each person’s coverage is unique to them, it is your responsibility to confirm the details with your provider.

What is the cost of the program?

The program has a value of over $1400 and is presently $999 ($1099 in Toronto) with the option of 2 equal payments (one at the end of your initial appointment and the other billed automatically after week 4 of the program).

What if I can’t make all the visits or complete the program?

We are committed to providing exceptional services. If you are unable to make a visit due to travel, vacation or illness we are happy to hold or delay the program for a maximum of 4 weeks at a time.

Occasionally a program may not be a fit for you any longer and thus at anytime if you wish to discontinue the program, you may request to do so. The program has been formulated to be most cost efficient with many of the incurred costs at the beginning and thus the services that have been rendered will be calculated at their full amount and the balance if any returned. Our fee schedule is available at Revivelife reception.

Where can I do the program?

The program is a combination of visits between your choice of Greco location that is offering the program with Greco Certified Nutritional Consultants and Revivelife. A program outline will be given to you at your first appointment or ahead upon request.

The Greco Locations that are offer the Greco Lean Life Program Are:

·         Little Italy/ Beech

·         Barrhaven

·         Kanata North

·         Kanata South

·         Upper Hunt Club

·         Stittsville

·         Westboro

·         Toronto

If you have questions about anything please contact us at info@revivelife.ca or613-829-7100.

We look forward to Inspiring Health, Naturally!