Dr. Joёl Villeneuve ND is a prolific writer, photographer and recipe developer infusing her passion for health and healing with her motivational energy. She helps people  live with energy, health, power and glow! She has written articles and provided recipes for magazines, books, corporations and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Your Health Matters and Alive & Fit Magazines. She creates customized community outreach programs for corporations including blog articles and the Power Food & Recipe of the week allowing people to enjoy their path to wellness one bite at a time! Her latest community project is a donation of her time to write Power Foods 101 a book as a fundraiser for Cancer Research & Coaching. Connect with Dr. Joël ND to find out how she can help your community & workplace get connected to health & wellness!



Dr. Joël ND writes articles for blogs, magazines or contributions to books with the latest research on health, nutrition and preventive lab testing.


Dr. Joël ND is a recipe developer and photographer. She is able to customize recipes to fit your teams needs. Recipes are designed to be lean and with allergies or intolerances in mind.