Dr. Joёl ND appears regularly on television with appearances on CTV Morning Live, CTV News at Noon, Rogers TV, Revivelife™ TV, CBC News, and CJOH. She is the TV host & producer of The Revivelife™ Wellness Show where she has inspired and coached people to reset their health and lives. She contributes frequently to magazines, committees, runs corporate health programs, and is a go to person for Natural Health and Nutrition.  She has shared her motivational wisdom with corporate CEOs in one on one sessions and to large audiences of over thousands of health professionals including doctors & the community.

She is an educator in the Integrative Medicine for the University of Ottawa and teaches Endocrinology at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She is known for her insights on making health easy!

Dr. Joёl ND

's speaking engagements internationally include government workplace wellness, medical centres and hospitals, corporate wellness programs, athletic teams and “The Maximized Metabolix” educational and certification program for leading doctors around the globe. She has trained doctors on advanced Nutrition and the general public on everything from kids wellness to stress management and more ways to find your ultimate inner energy.


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Dr. Joël ND shares health tips and infuses people with simple ways to add more wellness to their lives! Get connected!

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Motivational Seminars & Health Coaching

Dr. Joël  ND offers seminars & health coaching in collaboration with other health professionals to make your health event a success!

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Workplace Wellness

Dr. Joël ND & her team offer customized workplace wellness programs with seminars, Enewsletters, staff challenges and health evaluations & plans for your workplace or group.